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Chasing Kobos when most would crawl. Climbing trees when most would walk. Its no surprise, that her adventurous soul would lead her to being accidentally orphaned as a baby. Growing up she quickly became skilled in combat, and equally skilled at making Allies. She embraced the truth reality gave her, never wavering under the winds of fate, renaming true to herself, climbing higher and reaching farther, and always moving forward. As an adult, she's found a home in Skytown, quickly making a reputation for herself and setting a new record of completed quests. If she's not out chasing new adventures, she can usually be found in the Busy Baubles Tavern enjoying Cairn's famous curry.


Tall, slender, young adult. Brown jumpsuit with red scarf cape.




  • Chaser of Adventures
  • Loves Food and Bauble Tea
  • Casually fights behemoths for fun
    Rytelia, Hope Unchained.png