Aeon Prime Wiki


  • Idola of Nightmares
  • Silent Siren
  • 40% gold, 60% Hair, 100% Reality Shaping Accident

A being containing the gravest of sins, and the grandest of virtues. ​Her very own heart, containing the Aria of Annihilation. She never sings, lest she bring upon the end of the world. A small and frail Aeon, but not one to be trifled with, as her sheer prestige is enough to bring people to their knees, and her gilding power, terrifying in its own right.

Her parents....

5 fabled Sirens, who each held rule over the powers of senses

7 fabled Dragons, who each held rule over the powers of Sin.

The 7 Dragons of Sin were on the verge of annihilating the world, and sapping away any Will that couldn't dare challenge their dominance, turning them into golden heirlooms, hollow and and barren of the beings that had been used to create them.

The 5 Sirens used an Ancient sealing song to seal them away, through their ancient Siren Song, and by doing so sealed away the will to See,Hear,Smell,Taste, and Feel, in exchange for the eternal suppression of the Sin.

With that final action, the entirety of all 5 sirens, and all 7 sins were compressed into a singularity, like a dying star, into a single point in reality. and from that single point, Maringeth was born into reality. The will of Life, born of Chaos, one of a kind, and eternally cursed.