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A showcase of notable Creatures that inhabit the world of Novem Rem.

A list of Creatures

The Kobosaur

Casually known as the Kobo, this species is coveted worldwide by adventurers for being Trusty and Loyal Mounts. the bond between riders and their Kobos are what really makes their capabilities stand out, and once that connection is made, will stick with their adventuring partners through thick and thin.

The most common versions of the Kobosaur are Proficient land runners and balanced in strength and agility, but they do have 2 other distinct forms that reflect their past lizard dinosaur like lineage, much sturdier and capable of tough harsher land traversal, and a more avian evolution that have adapted to life in the skies and capable of better flight.

Kobo Kub

Kobo Kub.png

A young Kobosaur, kind of rambunctious, very playful, and always looking for friends.